About BadgEurope

An Erasmus+ Project

BadgEurope aims at providing a widely adapted and technically innovative conceptual model and toolkit for the implementation of Digital Badges as a growth-focused training incentive across Europe.

It is a Strategic Partnership between the Folkeuniversitetet (Public University) in Norway, which delivers high-quality, affordable classes to a large population of adult learners; the Stichting Bloom Foundation in the Netherlands, an organization focused on learning among vulnerable groups of society, including those distanced from the labour market and migrant communities; and relevantive GmbH in Berlin, Germany, an agency specializing in UX consulting that has focused on online skill-sharing and non-linear learning paths.

The project spanned over 30 months, and based on an iterative research and development process, focusing on the learner perspective, with special attention to learners with distance to the labor market. It involved over 100 learners, 30 employers and 30 education providers from the three participating countries.